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The HSS process is designed with one goal in mind: to close searches quickly and efficiently.  With a network of over 50,000 professionals, that goal becomes reality!  The reason we offer a six-month guarantee is that we believe in our process.  Our candidates remain on the job!

If necessary, we assist our clients with the creation of job descriptions.  If the client already has completed the job description, we will review it to make certain that we understand not just who the client is looking to hire, but also what they are looking for.  Every company and non-profit has a culture.  We only submit candidates who we believe fit that culture.  Once the job description is finalized we will immediately search our resume data base and approach our professional and personal networks to locate candidates.  We will review resumes and invite qualified candidates for an interview.  Candidates who are not located in metro-New York will be interviewed over the phone or on Skype. 

If we feel a candidate is a match for the client, we will submit them.  We prepare a "Submission Document" which is divided into three sections:  In the first, "Rationale for Submission," we explain why we feel the candidate is a good match for the client.  The second section is a summary of our interview with the candidate, and the final section is their resume.  

If the client likes the candidate, we will arrange an interview.  At the request of the client, we will check references, report back to the client and, if they decide to make an offer, we will assist with negotiations.

The specific services we provide are:

  • Assisting with the preparation of the job description
  • Networking to find candidates
  • Reviewing resumes
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Presenting selected finalists
  • Arranging appointments
  • Checking references
  • Assisting with negotiations

Fees and Guarantee

The fee for executive recruiting services is 15% of the candidates first year base salary, dropping to 10% if the candidate is a veteran of the US Armed Forces or Merchant Marine.  A $3,000 retainer, which will be deducted from the final payment, is required on the signing of a contract.  There are no additional fees for the above services.  Pre-approved additional fees will be charged for such things as out-of-area travel and background checks.

We provide a six-month guarantee that if for any reason a placement does not work out we will conduct a replacement search at no additional charge.

International Client Services

For overseas clients we are proud to offer the following services:

  • Recruiting staff to work overseas
  • Recruiting staff to work for foreign companies in the US
  • Working with attorneys to obtain all necessary licenses and permits for foreign companies to operate in metro-New York
  • Assisting with locating and setting up of offices in New York City
  • Assisting with relocation of foreign nationals coming to New York City, who will be living in metro-New York including finding housing; arranging school registration; accompanying employees when purchasing a car and obtaining a driver's license; arranging for personal insurance; and accompanying employees when purchasing furniture and initial household goods.

The cost for international recruiting services will be 15% of the first year's base salary for all recruited staff. A $5,000 retainer is required for all searches. A six-month guarantee is provided for all placements. The fee for all non-recruiting business related services is $5,000, not including attorney or real estate agent/broker fees, or fees for permits and licenses. The fee for personal services is $7,500. For all non-recruiting business and personal services, 50% of the fee is required in advance, with the remainder due within seven days of arriving in New York.


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