Before continuing, please read my post, "How to Get a Job in the US AND KEEP IT!"

In the United States, and no doubt in every other country, employers only hire people they like.  In order to be liked, you have to be understood.  There are two components to "understanding," language and culture.  In the case of the United States, this means speaking English well.  That not only requires vocabulary and grammar, but also pronunciation and enunciation.  You have to be articulate.

But even that is not enough.  You have to understand what you are saying, not from the perspective of vocabulary but from the perspective of culture.  There are things that are totally acceptable in your country which may be totally unacceptable in the United States.  Making such a mistake could cost you your job and your visa.  What's the point of working so hard to come to the US only to lose everything because you did not understand the country?  There is no point!

As noted in my post, what I am talking about is helping want-t0-be immigrants with the personal skills necessary to be a successful immigrant-employee.  What services will you receive?

  • Training in conversational English.  Once a week, for one hour, we will have a Skype conversation not just regarding your work but, more importantly, regarding your life.  It could be anything: food, sports, movies, music, books, science, technology, philosophy, history, you name it, we'll discuss it.  We will read articles on subjects of interest to you and discuss them.  In other words, you will not only speak the language, but you will understand American culture.  When you finally get your visa, and arrive at the airport, you will know how to get a cab, get to your hotel and then, go to a restaurant and order a meal.    You will know how to greet people and interact with them.  You will, for lack of a better word, be comfortable.  And being comfortable will make you appear confident.  There is nothing more appealing that confidence.
  • Speech therapy.  If your accent is "heavy," and thus difficult to understand, I will introduce you to a speech therapist who will be able to help you speak clearly.  You cannot succeed in the United States if you are not understood.
  • Actually applying for a job in the United States is different from other countries.  It is hard enough for Americans; it can be totally daunting for foreigners.  I will walk you through the process and teach you what you need to know.  You will know how to network - which is key to finding employment.  You will have a cover letter and resume which will be suitable for any US employer.  You will know how to interview. 
  • Lastly, as noted, just because you get the job does not mean you will keep the job!  Accordingly, for one year  following your arrival in the United States, we will have as many phone or Skype conversations as you require to help you deal with any workplace issues that may arise.  YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE!

For the weekly sessions when you are abroad, and the unlimited communications for a period of one year following your arrival, the fee is only $1,000. (This does not include the fee for the speech therapist.)   E-mail me at bh@hsstaffing.com so we can set up an initial Skype interview so I can answer any and all of your questions.

I look forward to being of service.

Bruce A. Hurwitz, Ph.D.


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