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The 21st Century Job Search - an Amazon  No. 1 Best Seller  and No. 1 New Release in multiple categories takes job seekers through the journey to job search success. Based in part on his critically acclaimed LinkedIn articles, Bruce Hurwitz pays particular attention to the concerns of veterans, college students, “older” candidates, the long-term unemployed, stay-at-home parents, and caregivers.  With candor and creativity, he addresses such topics as closing the résumé gap and dealing with health-related concerns.  If you need to learn how to network, apply for a job, or interview, this is the book for you.

Bruce Hurwitz’s readers comment on his articles:

On his advice, in general, and particularly for veterans:

Bruce Hurwitz not only understands the skills and value that veterans bring to the civilian workplace, he understands the challenges veterans sometime face in communicating to potential employers who may be unfamiliar with how the military builds exceptional people. His LinkedIn articles are full of insight, wisdom, and practical advice for navigating the ever changing job scene. And they’re not only for veterans, everyone else thinking of making a career move or trying to get perspective on where they are, will benefit from Bruce’s extensive industry experience.  - Julian Hutton, Senior operations, leadership development, and business acquisition executive

On preparing for a job search:

Great strategies! - Santa Infruna Abraham, PMP

 On interview questions to ask:

Great questions, I especially like the final one.  At the end of my recent interview, I asked, “Is there anything we haven't covered that will help you make your decision?" I received an offer so it must have worked, but I prefer yours. Thanks for sharing.  - Daniel Pemberton, Implementation Specialist

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