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or $150 with service continuing for one month.

Career counseling services are designed for both individuals at the start of their careers and seasoned professionals interested in finding their next job or career advancementServices are provided by Bruce Hurwitz  on an individual basis.

Services offered include:

  • Career evaluation
  • Job search plan review
  • Cover letter critique
  • Resume and LinkedIn profile critique
  • Interview preparation and review

The fee for a two-hour consultation, with follow-up general advice, resume and cover letter reviews, and pre- and post-interview phone and e-mail conversations until you get your next job, is only $300.00.  Veterans receive a 50% reduction in the full-service career counseling fee.

If you prefer only one month of unlimited e-mail and phone call follow-up, with a Skype consultation, the fee is only $150.00.

If you are only interested in interview preparation for an upcoming interview, the fee is $200.00  until you get your next job.  (Note that the consultation will be by telephone or via Skype.)

If you only want your resume and LinkedIn profile reviewed and edited, the fee is $175.00.  (Note that the consultation will be by telephone or via Skype.)

If you are only looking for a one-hour phone discussion about your job search, cover letter, resume and interviewing, the fee is only $150.00.

Visit our Library for an extensive collection of free videos, audio interviews and articles on Job Search, Cover Letters, Resumes, Interviewing, Hiring/Firing, and Career Advancement.

For a complimentary initial 15-minute consultation call 646-368-5381.


Unsolicited Testimonials

Dear Bruce,

This email is to thank you for meeting with me today at the Midtown Executive Club for the purpose of planning my job search.

The above paragraph was just to show you that I learned your lesson about the importance of writing a business letter.

What I really want to say is that you are the perfect career counselor and that you helped me navigate and answer the complex questions rumbling through my brain -- and made it so simple.  Not necessarily easy as I have much work cut out for me but now I know my direction which was my main objective for our meeting.

Have a glorious weekend.

S.H., New York, NY
Management Professional

Dear Bruce.

One word for you..... excellent!  I am so happy that you reached out to me via my LinkedIn invitation.  You have given me all that I asked for:  how to be more strategic in my search efforts; cover letters, and how to fix them and the all important resume changes.

There is so much for me to digest and do, thanks to you, I have a more focused sense of direction.  

You even went over the allotted time because of the initial Skype malfunction on my end.  You kept to your word.

Finally, you are real.  You pull no punches and I love that about you.  You are serious yet inviting, direct, knowledgeable, honest, smart and I like your often anecdotal approach to job search.

Thank you for your time and energy.  Most of all, thanks for sticking with me until I find a job!!

P.W., Atlanta, GA
HR Professional




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